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8th Nov 2016 : Cooking with gas : Nitrogen Food and You

We’re big fans of food and we’re big fans of gas here at Analox (sometimes, depending on what we’ve eaten, the two aren’t mutually exclusive…) Today, we’re looking at how nitrogen can be used in the food and beverage industry – from factories, to restaurants to pubs…


Nitrogen has many uses in food processing. As liquid nitrogen is very cold (-196 °c) it can be used to freeze food quickly. Freezing food quickly leads to smaller ice crystals, which in turn leads to smoother tasting, longer lasting food.

If you have a sweet tooth, you may be interested to know that nitrogen can be used to put bubbles in chocolate bars like Wispas and Aeros. The melted chocolate is foamed up with nitrogen and when it cools, the bubbles appear. Gases like carbon dioxide and argon can be used instead, but nitrogen makes smaller bubbles and provides a creamier taste.

Nitrogen is also used in food preservation – by replacing oxygen in food packaging with nitrogen, the shelf-life of products can be vastly extended.

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