Binder CO2 Incubator NEW CB Series (BIN-CB-SERIES-NEW)

Binder CO2 Incubator NEW CB Series



CO2 incubators of the CB series are the perfect incubators for demanding applications with additional process controls. The new models are equipped with a built-in sterilizable sensor, humidity display and intuitive menu navigation.

Sizes: 53 L, 150L, 210L (Models CB60, CB160, CB220 respectively)


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- Minimized surfaces due to the seamless deep-drawn inner chamber with flanges as the shelf support
system with no fixtures reduce the risk of contamination
- Less surface and parts to clean manually
- No costs for expensive consumables such as HEPA filters, H2O2 solutions or UV lamps

Reliable decontamination
- Standard-compliant 180 °C hot air sterilization completely eliminates contaminants
- Automatic sterilization cycle with sterilizable sensors
- Inner chamber is completely sterilized

Uniform growth conditions
- VENTAIR™ jacket system ensures accurate temperatures and homogeneous temperature distribution
- Fast recovery times
- Low thermal degradation of the cell growth due to occasional door openings
- PermadryTM double pan humidication system ensures high humidity

Stable pH values
- CO2 measurement system with drift-free infrared sensor technology
- Long-term stability, drift-free measurement

VENTAIR™ air jacket system
Temperature range: 7 °C above room temperature up to 60 °C
BINDER controller with LCD color display for simultaneous display of all important parameters (temperature, % CO2, % O2 concentration, humidity) and user-friendly push button/rotary knob

Intuitive menu guidance
Electronic chart recorder
Variety of options for graphic display of process parameters
Real-time clock

Hot air sterilization at 180 °C
with sterilizable built-in CO2 sensor
Drift-free infrared CO2 measurement system
CO2 introduction through patented gas mixing nozzle
ANTI.PLENUM Design to avoid contamination of critical fixturesPermadry™ System
Permadry™ system, double pan humidification system with defined condensation site for condensate-free interior walls
Seamless deep-drawn inner chamber made of stainless steel with round corners and integrated shelf support system
Electronic error self-diagnostic system with visual and audible alarms, as well as potential-free contact for central monitoring
Independent temperature safety device class 3.1 (DIN 12880) with visual and audible temperature alarm
Tightly-fitted inner glass door made of safety glass
Ethernet interface for communication software
APT-COM™ DataControlSystem
Three perforated shelves made of stainless steel
Stackable units with new stacking adapter
2-point door lock
BINDER test certificate

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