Real-Time PCR Mixes

Bioline SensiFAST Probe Lo-ROX One-Step Kit

Bioline SensiFAST Probe Lo-ROX One-Step Kit


Rapid - Optimized for fast reverse transcription real-time PCR
Accurate quantification - For RNA from low copy targets
Sensitive – unique buffer chemistry for highest specificity
Flexible - Compatible with all fast cycling instruments

Instrument Compatibility
7500, 7500 FAST, Stratagene (Agilent) Mx4000™, Mx3000P™, Mx3005P™, (See product selection table), as well as other instruments that do not require the use of a passive reference.

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The SensiFAST™ Probe Lo-ROX One-Step Kit has been formulated for highly reproducible first-strand cDNA synthesis and subsequent real-time PCR in a single tube. The kit is designed for use with probe-detection technology, including TaqMan®, Scorpions® and molecular beacon probes. A combination of the latest advances in buffer chemistry together with a reverse transcriptase and hot-start DNA polymerase system ensures that SensiFAST Probe Lo-ROX One-Step Kit produces fast, highly-specific and ultra-sensitive one-step RT-qPCR.

The SensiFAST Probe Lo-ROX One-Step Kit consists of a 2x SensiFAST Probe One-Step mix, separate reverse transcriptase and RiboSafe RNase Inhibitor.



BIO-78001: 100 x 20µl Reactions: 1 x 1ml
BIO-78005: 500 x 20µl Reactions: 5 x 1ml


2x Reaction mix consisting of:
Heat-activated DNA polymerase
Ultra-pure dNTPs

Plus separate vials of:
Reverse Transcriptase
RNase inhibitor
DEPC-treated water

Kit Size

The kit size is based on a 20µl final reaction volume.

Storage Conditions

6 months at -20°C.


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