Real-Time PCR Mixes

Bioline SensiMix SYBR Hi-ROX Kit (BIO-QT605)


SensiMix SYBR® kit contains all the components necessary to perform consistent and reproducible real-time PCR assays with your DNA template. The kits deliver highly specific and sensitive results across a wide dynamic range of template concentrations (over 10 fold), producing reliable real-time data quickly and easily. The kits are suitable for DNA templates or RNA templates following reverse transcription with the Bioline Tetro cDNA Synthesis Kit and are compatible with the ABI 7000, 7700, 7900HT and StepOne™ platforms as well as instruments that do not require the use of ROX. (See product selection table).

SensiMix SYBR Hi-ROX Kit Pack Size:

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Features and Benefits
• Simple and reproducible: a choice of optimized kits for different platforms, just add primers and template, reducing possible errors in set-up
• Specific and sensitive: for detection of a wide range of template concentration, even from hard to obtain and low copy number samples
• Flexible: validated with all major real-time instruments
• 2x master mix: premixed with SYBR® Green I and an internal reference for convenience

Instrument Compatibility
ABI 7000, 7300, 7700, 7900, 7900HT and StepOne™. (See product selection table).
However the kit is also compatible with several instruments that do not require the use of ROX™, such as the Qiagen Rotor-Gene™ 6000, the Bio-Rad CFX96 or the Roche LightCycler® 480.


•Mix optimised for SYBR® Green I chemistry.
•Suitable for high throughput applications e.g. target validation for drug discovery.
•Designed to work across a range of block and rotor-based instruments.

The kits are powered by a highly-sensitive hot-start DNA polymerase that provides higher specificity and ROX, making it specifically suitable for use on real-time instruments that measure this ROX signal.

QT605-02: 250 x 50µl Reactions: 5 x 1.25ml
QT605-05: 500 x 50µl Reactions: 10 x 1.25ml
QT605-20: 2000 x 50µl Reactions: 40 x 1.25ml

2x Reaction mix consisting of:
• Heat-activated DNA polymerase
• Ultra-pure dNTPs
• MgCl2 (6mM)
•Internal reference
•SYBR® Green I

 Kit Size
The kit size is based on a 50µl final reaction volume.

Storage Conditions
6 months at -20°C. Avoid exposure of the SYBR® Green I to light.

SensiMix is a trademark of Bioline Reagents Ltd.

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