Real-Time PCR Mixes

Bioline SensiMix SYBR Low-ROX Kit (BIO-QT625)


SensiMix Low-ROX kit is a high performance product designed for superior sensitivity and specificity on various real-time instruments in which a ROX signal is required, particularly for those block-based platforms which are more sensitive to the dye levels. The mix has been developed to provide the high sensitivity required for demanding assays or those assays where template is limited.

SensiMix SYBR Low-ROX Kit Pack Size:

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Features and Benefits
• Sensitivity: Optimized premixed with SYBR Green I and ROX, allows reproducible detection of low-copy number templates
• Speed: More efficient amplification results in earlier C(t)s and shorter overall real-time PCR reaction times without compromising performance
• Specific: Proprietary hot-start chemistry minimises non-specific amplification
• Broad dynamic range: As few as one copy of the target gene and achieves a dynamic range of up to eight orders of magnitude

Instrument Compatibility
ABI 7500, Stratagene Mx4000®, Mx3000P® and Mx3005P®. (See product selection table).
However the kit is also compatible with several instruments that do not require the use of ROX™, such as the Qiagen Rotor-Gene™ 6000, the Bio-Rad CFX96 or the Roche LightCycler® 480.

QT625-02: 250 x 50µl Reactions: 5 x 1.25ml
QT625-05: 500 x 50µl Reactions: 10 x 1.25ml
QT625-20: 2000 x 50µl Reactions: 40 x 1.25ml

2x Reaction mix consisting of:
• Heat-activated DNA polymerase
• Ultra-pure dNTPs
• MgCl2 (6mM)
• Internal reference (low levels)
• SYBR® Green I

Plus separate vials of:
• 50mM MgCl2

Kit Size
The kit size is based on a 50µl final reaction volume.

Shipping Conditions
6 months at -20°C. Avoid exposure of the SYBR® Green I to light.

SensiMix is a trademark of Bioline Reagents Ltd.

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