Real-Time PCR Mixes

Bioline SensiFAST Hi-ROX Genotyping Kit (BIO-BIO-35020)


Precise, highly reproducible and fast genotyping of sequence variants.

Product Highlights

Accurate – clear discrimination of alleles for increased confidence in genotype calling
Reproducible – tight fluorescence clusters enabling characterization of even challenging SNPs
Fast - delivers reproducible, accurate genotyping results in as little as 30 minutes, enabling increased throughput
Sensitive – efficient amplification for reliable genotyping from even very limiting amounts of sample
Flexible – suitable for genotyping from a wide range of samples including human, animal and plant samples and compatible with many dual-labelled probe assays


Delivery time: 2 Weeks
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SensiFAST Hi-ROX Genotyping Kit has been developed for fast, precise and highly reproducible genotyping of sequence variants, including loci with type IV SNPs. The SensiFAST Hi-ROX Genotyping Kit is a combination of the latest advances in buffer chemistry, together with an antibody-mediated hot-start DNA polymerase system. This produces highly-specific, ultra-sensitive real-time PCR with clear allelic discrimination and outstanding allele clustering. The SensiFAST Hi-ROX Genotyping Kit is compatible with many dual-labelled probe assays, including TaqMan® probe based assays and has been validated on commonly used real-time instruments.

The advanced buffer chemistry in SensiFAST Hi-ROX Genotyping Kit provides higher stringency and more specific binding of the allele-specific probes, resulting in much narrower probe melting temperature windows. The combination of these developments leads to wider and clearer separation of allele clusters. The kit allows robust genotype calling, enabling reproducible and accurate results. The advanced buffer also means that minimal optimization is required to achieve fast, reproducible and accurate results, ideal for high-throughput in large-scale genotyping projects.

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Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) types I, II, III and IV

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