Duchefa DL-Dihydrozeatin (DUC-D0933)


(diH)Z, DHZ, DZ
DHZ is a naturally occuring cytokinin, which is generally very active.


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DHZ derivatives are commonly found in plant tissues and are frequent metabolites of applied zeatin.  In a bioassay, DHZ and its conjugates are equally active as their zeatin analogues.  In studies where DHZ has been externally supplied to plants it appears to be more 'stable' than zeatin.  This may be because DHZ is not a substrate for cytokinin oxidase.  DHZ may be important in the maintenance of cytokinin activity levels in an oxidative environment.

• Zeatin <0.1%
• soluble in ethanol
• powder storage 2-8°C
• liquid storage between -25°C and +5°C
• sterilisation: filtration
• S:22-36
• CAS 14894-18-9

C10H15N5O = 221.3
Assay: >98%
White crystalline

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