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Infors Cell Growth Quantifier (CGQ) (INF-CGQ)

Infors Cell Growth Quantifier (CGQ)


Key Benefits:

  • Detailed microbial growth kinetics
  • Rational bioprocess development
  • Cost and time saving
  • Reproducible results
  • Compatible with exisiting laboratory equipment

The CGQ by aquila biolabs is a laboratory device for automatic online biomass monitoring in shake flasks. The biomass is determined non-invasively through the bottom of the shake flask by a patented optical measurement. Save valuable hands-on-time, leave the monitoring of your shake flasks to the CGQ and gain a profound understanding of your bioprocesses. Develop and improve your bioprocesses based on detailed biomass curves for a sustainable success of your research.

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Only 4 components for online monitoring of biomass

The sensor plate is available for 5 flask sizes. It is positioned under the shake flask and measures the 
biomass non-invasively.

Each shake flask is darkened with a cover to ensure measurements of highest precision and sensitivity.

The base station, designed for the connection of  8 or 16 shake flasks, bundles the data and sends it to the cgQuant software.

The cgQuant software analyses and visualizes the biomass signal from all monitored shake flasks.

  • Monitoring and analysis of microbial growth kinetics
  • Bioprocess as well as media development and optimization
  • Screening in shake flasks
  • Detection of limitations, inhibitions and contaminations
  • Growth-curve-guided induction of protein expression
  • Quality control
  • Online monitoring of thermophile organisms

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