Safety Bunsen Burners

Fuego SCS Gas Burner (WLD 8.000.000)

Fuego SCS Gas Burner


Safety enhanced laboratory gas burner with touch free IR-sensor and button function.

LC Display

IR Sensor - Start -stop with timer 1 sec - 2 hours
IR Sensor - Auto off with timer 1 sec - 2 hours
Foot Pedal - Standard Flame during pressed foot pedal
Foot Pedal - Start -stop with timer 1 sec - 2 hours
Button - Start -stop with timer 1 sec - 2 hours

Safety Features
Safety Control systen (SCS) with gas saftey cut off - ignition and flame control, temperature monitor, burner head clogging and assembly monitor (BHC), automatic unit switch off, 1 - 120 min residual heat display

Gas Types
Natural Gas and Liquid Gas

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