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Labnet Block, 12 x 15 ml centrifuge tubes (LNT D1115-TALL)

Labnet Block, 12  x 15 ml centrifuge tubes



  • Fits single and double block capacity Accublock Digital Dry Bath
  • Corrosion resistant, anodized aluminium
  • Precision machined for a close fit and efficient heat transfer


Delivery time: 4-6 Weeks
Delivery times may vary
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Designed for use with the Accublock Digital Dry Baths, the dry bath blocks are supplied in a variety of different formats to accept tubes from 0.2 ml to 50 ml as well as microplates and slides.

The blocks are made of high grade, non-porous aluminium and precision machined for a close fit with sample containers - important for fast and efficient heat transfer.  Anodizing adds corrosion resistance.

Most blocks, except those designed for use with plates and slides, include a position for a thermometer and a hole for use with the block lifter tool (supplied with the bath).  The unique PopStopper accessory, sold separately, fits on the microtube blocks to keep tube lids from popping open during heating.

Construction                   Anodized high grade, porous aluminium
Thermometer well        Available in all blocks except those used with plates and slides
Compatibility                   Labnet's high grade blocks will work in any manufacturer's dry bath with an opening of 3.05 x 3.60 inches. 

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