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Heidolph Hei-Vap Value Digital Rotary with PC 3001 Pump (HEI-560-01312-00 with VCB-696700)

Heidolph Hei-Vap Value Digital Rotary with PC 3001 Pump


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HEI-VAP Digital Rotary Evaporator and Vacuubrand PC3001 Vario Pump

Includes leading safety standards and features for superior ease of use and reduced cost of ownership, plus:

  • This unit features a digital display for set and actual heating bath temperature
  • The convenience of large dial controls for adjustment of rotation speed and bath temperature


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Hei-VAP Value Digital-  Glassware G1 Diagonal

P/N Glassware standard: 560-01102-00
P/N Glassware coated: 560-01112-00

Hei-VAP Value Digital- Glassware G3 Vertical

P/N Glassware standard: 560-01302-00
P/N Glassware coated: 560-01312-00

Hei-VAP Value Digital - Glassware G5 Condensate trap

P/N Glassware standard: 560-01502-00
P/N Glassware coated: 560-01512-00

Hei-VAP Value Digital  - Glassware G6 Vertical for reflux

P/N Glassware standard: 560-01602-00
P/N Glassware coated: 560-01612-00

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