Laboratory Bioreactor

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Product: Infors Minifors 2 Fermentor
Catalogue Number: INF-MINIFORS2
Product Description:

The Minifors 2 already offers multiple features in the standard version.


Culture vessels

• Available in total volumes of 1.5 L, 3 L and 6 L

• Powerful direct drive of up to 1600 min-1

• Quick and easy change between culture vessel sizes

• Rounded flat vessel bottom

 – Low minimum working volume

 – Good mixing

 – Stability with or without a vessel holder

• Safe sampling without any dead volume: INFORS HT Super Safe Sample


Top plate

• Intelligent design for easy access to all ports

• Sufficient ports, for standard fittings and extra inlets, immersion tubes and sensors

 – 4 x 7.5 mm: addition ports available for acid, base, feed & 1 free

 – 4 x 10 mm: sparger, anti-foam system, temperature sensor, sampling/harvest

 – Maximum 7 x 12 mm (Pg13.5): pH, pO2, exhaust gas cooler, inoculation are pre-allocated, 3 are freely available

• Convenient, tool-free cleaning and maintenance thanks to knurled screws



• 2 integrated Mass Flow Controllers (MFC)

• Operation with air, air/O2, or air/N2

• Integrated pressure sensor for detecting a blocked filter

• Gassing optimized for bacteria applications: specific gassing rate (vvm) up to 2.0 min-1

• Multiple cascades for pO2control by means of stirrer speed, gassing rate (“TotalFlow”) and/or gas composition (“GasMix”)



• Robust, digital connection of pH and pO2 sensors

• Optical pO2 sensor: immediately ready for use as no polarization is required

• Storage of calibration data in the sensor head

• Product calibration of the pH sensor for reliable measurements during long-running bioprocesses

• Compatible with Hamilton ARC


• 4 precision pumps

• Configurable operating mode: digital fixed-speed) or analogue (variable speed)

• Default setting: 3 x digital (acid, base, anti-foam), 1 x variable (feed)

• Autoclavable pump heads

• Gravimetric feeding possible (requires external balance)

• Profile-based control of pump speed (requires eve®)


Operating unit

• Integrated 7" touch screen (17.8 cm)

• Simple handling through intuitive menus and practical on-screen help

• Calibration of pH, pO2 and OD sensors using simple install wizards

• Direct data export to USB drive in stand-alone operation

• Multiple display languages



Choose from ingenious options to work more efficiently.


eve® : The bioprocess platform software

eve® can do more than just plan, control and analyse your bioprocesses. The eve® software integrates workflows, devices, bioprocess information and big data in a web-based platform that lets

you organise your projects. Thus, you maintain an overview of our projects and can efficiently execute them thanks to extensive monitoring and analysis options.

The platform software ready for big data and comprehensive management of bioprocesses 

• Planning, control and analysis

• Integrated workflows, devices and bioprocess knowledge

• Web-based project organization

• Communication using the latest OPC UA standard

• Synchronization of process-related events such as sampling or inoculation


Additional balance

• Connection of an external balance possible

• Use for precise gravimetric feeding possible

• For advice in choosing appropriate scales, contact your local INFORS HT service partner



Exhaust gas analysis

• Analysis of oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations in the exhaust gas of the bioreactor

• BlueInOne sensor from BlueSens

• Connects directly to Minifors 2

• Additional information gained via eve® soft sensors such as

 – Oxygen Uptake Rate (OUR)

– Carbon Evolution Rate (CER)

 – Respiratory Quotient (RQ)


Biomass sensor

• ASD12-N sensor from Optek

• Based on IR turbidity measurement from 840 nm to 910 nm

• Connects directly to Minifors 2 through an integrated transmitter

• Provides real time information about the biomass concentration without sampling

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