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Product: Binder CO2 Incubator NEW CB Series
Catalogue Number: BIN-CB-SERIES-NEW
Product Description:

- Minimized surfaces due to the seamless deep-drawn inner chamber with flanges as the shelf support
system with no fixtures reduce the risk of contamination
- Less surface and parts to clean manually
- No costs for expensive consumables such as HEPA filters, H2O2 solutions or UV lamps

Reliable decontamination
- Standard-compliant 180 °C hot air sterilization completely eliminates contaminants
- Automatic sterilization cycle with sterilizable sensors
- Inner chamber is completely sterilized

Uniform growth conditions
- VENTAIR™ jacket system ensures accurate temperatures and homogeneous temperature distribution
- Fast recovery times
- Low thermal degradation of the cell growth due to occasional door openings
- PermadryTM double pan humidication system ensures high humidity

Stable pH values
- CO2 measurement system with drift-free infrared sensor technology
- Long-term stability, drift-free measurement

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