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Product: Bioline JetSeq DNA Library Preparation Kit, 16 reactions
Catalogue Number: BIO-BIO-68025
Product Description:

Instrument Compatibility

JetSeq DNA Library Preparation Kit is compatible with the Illumina MiSeq, NextSeq and HiSeq instruments.


The success of next-generation sequencing is partly dependent upon the precise and accurate processing of the input DNA. High-quality library preparation from sheared DNA requires efficient processing during a series of molecular biology reactions and good recovery during the intermediate purification steps. Bioline has developed an optimized, single-tube library construction method (fig. 1) that enables fast and highly efficient adaptor ligated library construction from a range of sample types and inputs.

The combination of end repair and A-tailing followed by direct ligation of the adaptors reduces the hands-on time, making the process faster and easier to use. Optimized end-repair, A-tailing and ligation steps and the reduction in cleanup steps also offer significant improvement in the yield and quality of sequence-ready libraries, reducing the amount of DNA required.

The JetSeq DNA Library Preparation Kit is highly efficient at converting DNA into an adapter-ligated library resulting in higher sequence coverage. The kit contains all of the enzymes and buffers necessary for highly-efficient conversion of the input DNA to a sequencable, adapter-ligated library (fig. 2).

The JetSeq DNA Library Preparation Kit uses a highly efficient polymerase, together with an optimized buffer formulation to ensure uniform amplification of all genomic regions including those that contain highly variable GC content, thereby reducing bias and ensuring even coverage in subsequent sequencing reactions, resulting in exceptional sequence quality scores even 150 bases into the read (fig. 3), giving greater coverage and reducing the possibility of sequencing gaps.


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